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Voti totali:  78 . Piace al 76.92% .
Voti totali: 78 . Piace al 76.92% .
Descrizione Armed Forces Vs Gangs:
This time we are going to visit mother Russia, where local dangerous gangs are trying to regain control over several important territories. We have sent our forces there, which should explore the area and remove any danger that these gangs represent. We still do not know, what numbers of enemies can surprise us. So basically, our guys are going into possibly already lost battle, but they are guys in right place and they should never give up in advance. First battle will happen very soon. One of the gangs tried to surprise us and attacked first. We were not ready, but we managed to repel the first wave. Now we are waiting for a moment what will happen next. You have now the opportunity to join this battle personally. Choose one side of the conflict and help your team dominate a territory in this action multiplayer game. Have fun.

Play Armed Forces Vs Gangs with your mouse.


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