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Voti totali:  295 . Piace al 62.37% .
Voti totali: 295 . Piace al 62.37% .
Descrizione Farfalla Kyodai:
Here you can play the game Butterfly Kyodai for free! Butterfly Kyodai is one of our selected Puzzle games. This is one of the best Mahjong Games! Click on open pairs of wings to clear them from the board. Can you finish this game? Butterflies are very beautiful animals. A caterpillar makes a cocoon and then transforms this beautiful insect. Normally, you see all these bright colors in a butterfly garden, but in this game you see them fly on your screen! To see them float through the air, you should make sure that you click on the wings that belong together. If you succeed then you always play a mahjong stone path, and moving more and more of these creatures before your eyes: what a butterfly joy! In this game you can with these colorful insects solve a fun puzzle. It is a popular and classic game that is called Mahjong. This is a game from Asia, and is centuries old. The rules are the same as in the real classic that is Mahjong. The ultimate goal is to get all the stones from the playing field. However, in this version of Mahjong is not about finding two equal Oriental characters or pictures, but you scour in the pile of rocks to two same wings. So as an alternative to the Asian Mahjong, you now play a Mahjong and animals involves finding the same wings of a butterfly. When you make the right duos know, something cool will happen: a butterfly is created and will be able to fly away. The better your wings linked together, the more levels you play and the higher the level will be. Despite the menagerie, this is a real mind game. It just got a mind game that is extra fun for animal lovers. Play always the stones, and arrive at an increasingly challenging puzzle. It is a real brain teaser, but it is certainly not just for smart people! Do you feel such joy when you see butterflies, or make a fun puzzle? This game is the puzzle and combined that beautiful animal. Now play the famous Mahjong, but in a joyful version with a sweet animal! The game Butterfly Joy is a huge menagerie. Keeps you from animals, and a puzzle or Mahjong is for you? Then play Butterfly Joy, because that will be a top game for you. For this game you have easy control. You only need your mouse to use but to fly the happy creatures!

Play Butterfly Kyodai with your mouse.


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