Gioca: Ancora Un Altro Mondo

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Voti totali:  22 . Piace al 68.18% .
Voti totali: 22 . Piace al 68.18% .
Descrizione Ancora Un Altro Mondo:
Once upon a time, you and cows were living in peace. Yeah, good old times. Then, evil alien from planet X12B came. Nobody knew what he wanted. He did not even talk, he just acted. He shot all cows with laser gun, and moved them to his spaceship at the Earths orbit. Nobody left. Everything disappeared. You were left alone in a world of despair. You had two options to choose. Either accept your destiny and die, or fight for your life, and find better place for the future life. You chose the second one. Who knows, if it was right choice... Have fun.

Play Yet Another World with your arrow keys.


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